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Will your teachers find it useful to access the content of DLL teacher’s books on a computer or mobile?


Both in face-to-face and online language classes, it will be useful for the teacher and the student to have access to the Direct Language Lab book on a computer or mobile phone.

>>>>> Here are detailed instructions:

1. When the administrator turns on the “Teacher’s Book Library” add-on in the “Licences” tab in “My School”, teachers will be able to open Direct Language Lab books in DL PRO.
The administrator should define the maximum number of books that teachers will be using simultaneously:
– the program only counts the number of books being used at a given moment, regardless of their titles or levels,
– when one teacher closes a book, it becomes immediately available to another teacher.
For example, if the administrator has turned on access to 10 books, teachers can open a maximum of 10 books at the same time. Opening the eleventh book will not be possible. The next teacher will be able to open a book only after one of these 10 teachers has closed their book.

2. To start using the book, the student should log into DL PRO, go to the “My profile” tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen and enter their login and password from the https://dlhub.eu platform. The books they activated on the https://dlhub.eu platform with the coupon from the coursebook will now be available in the DL PRO program.

3. After logging into DL PRO, the teacher or student can open the book in the “Books” tab or in the virtual classroom by clicking the “Open the book” button. In order to see the content of the book, select a unit and a word group. You can then navigate by pressing the “Next Group” or “Previous Group” buttons.

4. Please note that the layout of the book on the screen does not represent a page from the printed book because the material from a group of words is conveniently displayed in the application window, along with explanations as well as questions and answers. The book does not contain grammar or communication lessons.

5. The “Books” tab can be seen by the student and teacher, but cannot be seen by the administrator or employee.

>>>>> Selected advantages of the DL PRO program:

> manage your language school effectively by accessing various reports and statistics,

> keep a user-friendly school calendar and electronic class register,

> contact your customers easily by sending emails and text messages directly from the program (texts are sent from your phone, so you do not incur any additional costs),

> manage students’ and companies’ payments in an organized manner as well as issue invoices,

> teach online classes that are efficiently integrated with the school calendar (without looking for virtual rooms, sending links, creating additional accounts),

> successfully enroll your students online (online placement tests and exams coming soon).

If you want to get to know the DL PRO program, please contact us at https://dlpro.eu/kontakt

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