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The cooperation between your language school and our publishing house is not only limited to purchasing our coursebooks. We provide a comprehensive system of teaching foreign languages so that any language school which purchases our products can focus on more significant matters, such as gaining new customers.

1. Schools Zone

First of all, we would like to mention that every language school which cooperates with us needs to have access to the School Zone. If, for any reason, your school does not have the access code to the zone, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately via email – direct@dllab.eu.

In the School Zone you will find a lot of additional materials which help teachers conduct classes with our coursebooks. Visiting the School Zone regularly is indispensable as both your school and your teachers can benefit from using updated materials.

2. Teacher training

One of the vital features of a good language school is the teacher. Finding a good teacher can be difficult and time-consuming. However, training teachers can be equally demanding. We would be happy to assist your school managing this challenging task. Watch the film below to see extracts from lessons conducted by teachers trained by our company.

TEACHER’S ACADEMY is a website with an extensive database of knowledge for language teachers and school owners about the direct method as applied in Direct Language Lab coursebooks:

  • prepared in five languages (English, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian),
  • contains 4 teacher training videos,
  • contains a practical set of more than 70 concise questions and answers explaining various aspects of the direct method,
  • most of the questions and answers are accompanied by short instructional videos illustrating a given point.

Each school receives its own login and password, which should be given to the teachers so that they have access to “Teacher’s Academy“.

3. Access to modern technology

By purchasing our coursebooks, you will provide your customers with access to modern technology which facilitates the process of foreign language learning and helps your language school gain an advantage over the competition. Every customer who studies languages with our coursebooks in your language school will be granted access to a mobile application, MP3 download as well as an online coursebook and online exercises, designed specifically for language courses based on our textbooks.

4. Advertising

Certainly, the opportunity to advertise on our website will be a measurable benefit for your school. Please make sure that your prospective customers, who know direct method and our textbooks, will be able to find your language school on the list of schools in their city.

5. How to start cooperation?
Watch the film to find out more about how to begin a beneficial cooperation with our company.




How can I begin cooperation with the Publisher?

You can email direct@dllab.eu or fill in the form on the Cooperation page. We will send you an e-mail with all the necessary information within 24 hours. After signing the contract with the Publisher you will be able to order the coursebooks.

Will I get other teaching aids and materials?

Yes, you are granted access to the Schools Zone, where you can download all the necessary teaching materials. We occasionally make additional materials available to schools cooperating with the Publisher, e.g. posters with irregular verbs or phonetic symbols.

Can I use the Direct Language Lab logo?

Yes, after signing the contract with the Publisher, your school will have the right to use the Direct Language Lab logo as well as texts from the Publisher’s official site in its publicity and information materials.

How can I receive the Direct Language Lab logo and other materials?

The logo and other materials are available in the School Zone.

Will my school receive a certificate which confirms cooperation with the Publisher?

Yes, every language school receives a Publisher’s authorised partner certificate which confirms cooperation. You will receive the certificate immediately after signing the contract an placing your first order.

Will I get your support during advertising campaigns?

Each school using the Direct Language Lab coursebooks is advertised on the Publisher’s official website. Your school will also obtain a Publisher’s authorised partner certificate. You will be informed about all the advertising campaigns via email.

Can my school place a link to the Publisher's site on its own site?

Yes, after signing the cooperation contract, your school has the right to place the Publisher’s site link on its own site.

Does signing the cooperation contract mean that my school will lose its independence?

No, because we are not a franchisor. Your school will remain 100% independent since the cooperation with the Publisher is limited to using its coursebooks. We advise how to use our coursebooks in the best way, answer all your questions concerning the teaching and technicalities, but we don’t impose anything on you.

Does a school cooperating with the Publisher get the exclusive right to use the coursebooks in the city where it operates?

No, because the Publisher doesn’t restrict the use of the coursebooks in a given city to only one school. It is worth noticing that systems offering exclusive rights for their products usually involve costly licence fees and demand minimum sales limits. We are of the opinion that flexible cooperation is the best solution.

This applies to those countries which do not have official distributors and where the Publisher sells books directly to schools. Where there is a distributor, different arrangements concerning sales may apply. This means that in some countries there may be area exclusivity and the number of schools may be limited.



Is there any minimum number of books I am obliged to buy?

No, schools can order as many books as they need. The cooperation contract doesn’t oblige schools to make obligatory purchases, apart from buying the start pack at the beginning of the cooperation. There is no minimum number of books you are obliged to buy so, theoretically, you can even order just one coursebook.

How can I buy the coursebooks?

First of all, you should sign a cooperation contract with the Publisher. Then, you can order the coursebooks. All the payments should be made prior to the shipment of the coursebooks (by bank transfer or PayPal). You will get the pro forma invoice via email.

How to order the coursebooks?

The order procedure is as follows:

  • the school emails an order to orders@dllab.eu
  • the Publisher emails back with an invoice
  • the school transfers money to the Publisher’s bank account
  • the coursebooks are sent to the school.

In those countries where books are sold by local distributors, orders cannot be sent directly to the Publisher. These countries include: Brazil, Czechia, Slovakia, Spain, Philippines and Japan.

How long does it take to complete the order?

Up to 7 days, in most cases 2-3 days from placing the order to dispatching the books.

How much are the coursebooks?

The price list can be found in the precise offer that the School can receive by email.

How are the coursebooks delivered?

The coursebooks are sent by a courier service or post.

Does the Publisher accept returns?

No, the Publisher doesn’t accept back the books which the school hasn’t sold.

Does the Publisher replace defective coursebooks?

Yes, after the school returns the defective coursebooks, the Publisher will replace the defective tbooks or CDs.

Will I have to pay duty or other taxes when importing books from Poland / the EU?

It’s important to take into account the following information concerning taxes or duties on the School’s order in the destination country:

  1. whether or not a shipment is assessed is determined by the customs authorities and is something that the Distributor is unable to predict;
  2. assessment of duties and taxes may be based upon the value or weight of the order and/or the tax-free threshold (if applicable) for goods imported into the destination country;
  3. the payment of such taxes/duties is the sole responsibility of the School.

The School should check with their local customs authorities if any special requirements or taxes and/or duties are applicable in order to make sure you will be able to collect the shipment from the customs without problems.



How many English designed with DIRECT Method coursebooks are there?

Books 1 to 10 take the student from the complete beginner (A1) to the advanced level (C1).

What does the coursebook contain?

Each coursebook contains a few modules, all new words accompanied by phonetic transcription, additional communication and grammar exercises, a vocabulary index as well as a recording of new words, questions and answers in MP3 format.

What teaching materials can I buy from the Publisher?

For each of the titles on offer, you can buy Student’s Books and Teacher’s Books as well as Visuals for Book 1.

What teaching materials will I get for free?

Each school receives a set of teaching materials in electronic form (available in the Schools Zone in our website).

What is available in the School Zone?

Almost 1000 files with various additional teaching materials for our coursebooks are available in the Schools Zone. The School receives the access code after signing the cooperation contract. The Schools Zone is a convenient solution because you are able to download materials whenever you need them and it is clear what is available at the moment.

How can I gain access to the School Zone?

Once you sign the contract with us and place your first order, you will receive your login and password which will enable you to use the School Zone.

Who can gain access to the School Zone?

Only school owners and authorized persons can gain access and use the School Zone. The School Zone contains tests and exams and therefore unauthorized entry must be denied.

How can I send my comments concerning the coursebooks or teaching materials?

We will be glad to read any comments you may have concerning our products. To share your opinions with us, please email info@dllab.eu.



What exactly does it mean that the coursebooks are based on the direct method?

Our coursebooks are based on the principles of the direct method which means that:

  • new vocabulary and grammar structures are practiced in questions and answers,
  • language lessons are conducted almost exclusively in the target language,
  • we put strong emphasis on practice and oral training – listening and speaking,
  • a significant amount of lesson time is devoted to a strictly organized revision of material; hence, students remember numerous vocabulary and grammar items fast and for longer.
Can I see a direct method lesson?

On our website you can watch a film with extracts from lessons conducted by teachers trained to teach with the direct method.

The Teacher’s Academy contains numerous short videos presenting various aspects and technical details of the direct method.

Does the publishing house organize training for teachers?

Yes, the publishing house organises online teacher training courses, which can be attended by teachers from schools cooperating with the publishing house.

Your language school may also order training for its own teachers (costs are agreed individually).

Should every teacher attend trainings?

Yes, every teacher who would like to effectively teach from our coursebooks should be able to use the principles of the direct method in practice. Such skills should be gained through participating in internal trainings organized by schools. Training videos we provide can be greatly helpful. The explanations and training videos provided in the Teacher’s Academy will also be very helpful.

How can I improve my teaching skills?

The following activities may be helpful in improving teaching skills:

  • evaluating class inspections run by experienced teachers or head teachers
  • recording and analyzing lessons
  • watching other teachers’ classes
  • participating in trainings



What is the Internet platform?

The Internet platform is an e-learning program which contains online support for selected Direct Language Lab coursebooks (an online coursebook, online exercises and MP3 files). Students can consolidate the already learnt material, catch up if they fall behind or revise the material before a stage exam in a very attractive and modern way.

What are the language versions available for the Internet platform?

The commands and vocabulary translations are available in 10 language versions.

What devices are recommended to use the Internet platform?

The Internet platform website is fully responsive which means you can conveniently study the online courses on any device, including your computer, tablet or smartphone. The screen will automatically adapt to the device in use.

How can students gain access to their e-learning course so that they can do the online exercises?

After registering a new account and logging in, the student can gain access by using the code that they can find in their coursebook.

Do I need to register before I can use the Internet platform?

Yes, you have to register before using the programme.

How do I find my online course?

Your online course has the same name as the title of your coursebook. For example: English designed with Direct Method.

Can the school see students’ progress in the Internet platform?

Yes, after logging into the system as an administrator or employee, you can check how codes from books are used and see your students’ progress.



What mobile applications does the publisher provide?

The Interactive Coursebook DLL Ebook application. The app enables you to access interactive coursebooks. You can learn the correct pronunciation thanks to the recordings of all words, explanations as well as questions and answers. You can listen to all the words, explanations as well as answers and questions recorded by native speakers. You can view and hide the vocabulary translations as well as answers to the questions in order to study in an active and effective manner!


The DLL DICTIONARY application has been designed for students attending language courses based on the Direct Language Lab coursebooks. The application is a convenient, interactive dictionary with the vocabulary arranged according to the coursebook. It contains all the words from the book. Dictionary enables users to listen to the pronunciation of each word. The pronunciation was recorded by native speakers. The translations are hidden by default so that students can try and check if they remember the meanings of the words.

How can I use the QR codes printed in the coursebooks?

Thanks to the QR codes printed in the coursebooks you can easily and conveniently access the material you are looking for in the mobile applications. Open the app and scan the code to automatically open the right place and practise the words or grammar you need.

What systems are mobile applications available for?

All our mobile applications are available for Android and iOS.

How much are the applications?

The DLL Dictionary application is free of charge. DLL Ebook requires the user to purchase within the app the interactive coursebook they want to use.

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