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About us


Tomasz Filipiuk
[ˈtɒmʌʃ fiˈlipjʊk]
Manager and product developer. Responsible for method development, mobile applications and internet platform courses.

Every foreign language school is welcome to contact Tomasz Filipiuk concerning any matter.

Michał Świdziński
[ˈmihʌw ɕviˈʥ̑ɲ̊ski]
Logistic and order manager. Responsible for orders, finances and printing.

+48 733 734 222

Every Polish language school is welcome to contact Michał Świdziński concerning any matter.

Robert Kubić
[ˈrɒbət ˈkʊbiʨ̑]
Responsible for method development, marketing and trainings.

Every school is most welcome to contact Robert Kubić concerning any matter or just to chat.

Customer service

Iván Alejandro Riveros Guerra is our sales rep. He is responsible for our development in southern Europe and Latin and South America. He was born and raised in Santiago of Chile, but for many years he lived in the USA. Now he lives in Poland, which he calls: “a wonderful country with extraordinary people!”

Contact Ivan if you are a non-Polish school and need a quick assistance with your problem.

Aldona Volkmann is our account manager for Poland. She has been cooperating with us for over 4 years. Aldona is a very reliable and responsible person.

You can contact Aldona if you represent a Polish school and need help with trainings, the Internet platform, applications or general assistance. Aldona is really keen to help and to make sure that each school feels comfortable using DLLAB products.

Some of our authors and co-operators

Marta – the author of our Italian series; really enthusiastic about languages; speaks 5 including: English, Italian, Spanish, Lithuanian and Latvian.

Elisabetta – a really great help and contributor to our Italian coursebooks; passionate about languages and cultures, teacher of English as a second language and a professional translator

Ewa – illustrator of our coursebooks for children. She has designed and illustrated ‘Deutsch für Kinder’ and ‘Español para niños’.

Natalia – the author of our Russian series. Born in Grodno, Bielorussia. Studied linguistics: English, Italian, Dutch and Polish. She likes good literature, horse riding and talking with people. Lives and works in Poland.

Daria – the author of our German series. A graduate of German studies. Passionate about teaching German. In love with Munich – very fond of both the architecture and the history of the city.

Gareth – Gareth helps us proofread our coursebooks and has been able to provide continued support since the very beginning including offering his voice to the audio part’s of Direct Language Lab material. He was born in Australia, but after some ESL training, he decided to move to Poland.

Ian – You can hear Ian in most our recordings and explainers. You can also see him in some of our films for the English series. Born in the southeast of the United States, Ian started travelling in his mid-twenties and hasn’t stopped since. With many years spent in Scotland and Poland, he now resides in Olomouc, Czech Republic, where he runs a hostel and continues recording voiceovers. Occasionally presents a few videos on YouTube about travel in Central Europe.

Our Distributors

Adriana Tekerová
Manažér pobočky
Motto: It is not only about business and making money; the language business is a “mission”. It has a higher purpose. We work with people, we help them to improve their language skills – to grow as human beings. Education is an investment in human capital.

+421 917 736 540

Czechia & Slovakia
Empire Group

Fernanda Castro
Degree in Management, Post Graduate in Human Resources and in Sales and MBA in Finances, Auditorship and Controller. Native language: Portuguese. Advanced level in English and Spanish. School owner for over 20 years.


Fernando Castro
Degree in Management, Post Graduate in Marketing. Native language: Portuguese. Advanced level in French and English. School owner for over 20 years.


Ken Futami
Motto: To inspire the next generation, we like to help people pursue their dreams by communicating with different people from different countries.

Futatsuru Inc.

Our favourite business partners

Paweł Szpytma
Creator of the Internet Platform DLHUB.


Artur Ozierański
Graduate of IT and Management. Used to be a coder of mobile applications now manages a team of 20 people Software House – Holdapp. Since 2016, they have been developing and improving Android and iOS applications for DLLAB – DLL E-book and DLL Dictionary.


Miłkowski brothers
Creators of the website dllab.eu

Milkowski – studio grafiki

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