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The new edition of “English dw DM” and online exercises


We would like to present some information about our flagship English coursebooks for adults. The English designed with Direct Method 2022 series consists of 10 books at the levels from A1 to C1.

This means that the material from Books 1-6 from the previous edition was substantially changed and expanded. We now have a new series of Books 1-10, where each of the coursebooks:

  • is divided into 4 modules,
  • contains about 100 pages of the direct method as well as about 40 pages of the communication and grammar lessons,
  • introduces about 600-700 new words practised in about 1500-1600 questions.

Printed coursebooks are available as of 11 April 2022 (student’s books) and 4 May 2022 (teacher’s books).
(The previous edition will be available until February 2023, so each school can choose the most convenient to start using the new edition.)

The new series will also include online support known from the previous edition and very popular with our students, i.e.:

  • the online coursebook,
  • mp3 files,
  • and online exercises.

This time, the online exercises and mp3 files will be made available in a modified form.



Most of you have already heard about our new product, the DL PRO school management platform. Many clients have already chosen this solution for their school.

DL PRO offers many attractive functionalities (https://www.dlpro.eu), but above all, it provides access to the online version of DLL coursebooks, tests and exams, as well as online exercises (from 2022).

With the new edition, we are transferring the online exercises to the DL PRO platform. The aim is to build a place that connects all services in a transparent manner, so that our students and teachers can use them more easily after logging into one website.

The placement test as well as a set of exams for ‘English designed with Direct Method 2022’ can also be found on DL PRO.

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