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Polski designed with Direct Method. Book 1


“Polski designed with Direct Method. Book 1” is a new coursebook for teaching Polish with the direct method.

This coursebook for complete beginners (CEFR level: A1) has been divided into 15 lessons. The student learns new words and grammar in the form of controlled conversation based on sets of questions and answers. Each of the three modules ends with a series of grammar and lexical exercises which help the student revise the material from the question and answer sections.

The coursebook combines the advantages of the direct and communicative methods:
– the direct method lets the student master the most essential skills – speaking and listening comprehension in a fast and attractive way
– the communicative method helps consolidate English grammar and vocabulary in real everyday life contexts.

Key features of the coursebooks:
– up-to-date and practical vocabulary
– interesting sets of questions and answers
– grammar that is easy to understand
– user-friendly graphics and page-layout facilitating work with the coursebook
– numerous additional grammar exercises.

The coursebook contains :
– almost 500 new words
– basic grammar information
– sets of questions and answers
– practical dialogues
– grammar and vocabulary exercises
– an answer key as well as a vocabulary indeks
– a CD with the vocabulary, questions and answers.

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