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Online teacher training courses in 2024!


We invite you to participate in our training courses designed for teachers from language schools cooperating with our publishing house:

“How to teach with the direct method from Direct Language Lab coursebooks?”

The theoretical and practical training is aimed at candidates for teachers and beginner teachers.


03.02.2024 (Saturday) and 04.02.2024 (Sunday)
both days: 10.00-13.00 (Warsaw time)

23.03.2024 (Saturday) and 24.03.2024 (Sunday)
both days: 10.00-13.00 (Warsaw time)

20.04.2024 (Saturday) and 21.04.2024 (Sunday)
both days: 10.00-13.00 (Warsaw time)

25.05.2024 (Saturday) and 26.05.2024 (Sunday)
both days: 10.00-13.00 (Warsaw time)


The training courses are conducted by experienced trainers with a lot of practice as language teachers as well as trainers of direct method teachers.

If you want to take part in the training, please send us an email: aldona.volkmann@dllab.eu (please register teachers early, as the number of participants is limited).


The DLL training program:

– theoretical part: main assumptions of the direct method, lesson structure, speed, techniques for helping students answer, revision versus new material, correcting mistakes, the most common mistakes made by beginner teachers,

– practical part (participants conduct a short lesson),

– what a good teacher should know: beginner groups, new student in the group, grammar lessons and exams, course cards, student as a customer, Internet platform, other courses conducted using the direct method (various languages, Kids English, Direct Business),

– practical part,

– end of training: conclusions and discussion.

Our “How to teach with the direct method from Direct Language Lab coursebooks?” course is specially designed to help language teachers understand and implement the direct method in their teaching approach. The direct method is a popular teaching method that emphasizes speaking and listening skills in language acquisition. Our course provides practical guidance on how to teach with Direct Language Lab coursebooks using the direct method.

Our training course offers insights on how to utilize the full potential of the direct method to teach languages quickly and effectively. With our training, language teachers will learn how to make their students speak a foreign language from the very first lesson. We understand the importance of creating an engaging and interactive learning environment that encourages students to speak and practice their language skills.

Our training course also emphasizes the importance of achieving high levels of student satisfaction with their learning results. We believe that satisfied students are more likely to become loyal customers of a language school and recommend it to others. As such, our training course offers valuable insights on how to achieve high levels of student satisfaction through effective teaching techniques and approaches.

Terms & conditions:

1. Teachers must be registered by language schools cooperating with DLLAB sp. z o.o. that ordered books in the 2022/2023 and/or 2023/2024 school year.

2. The online training is a two-day course. The training lasts 8 teaching hours, 45 minutes each, and consists of a theoretical and practical part.

3. One school may register a maximum of two teachers who are teaching or will teach with Direct Language Lab coursebooks.

4. In order to make the practical part effective, each training may be attended by up to 10 teachers.

5. Active participation in the practical part of the training is obligatory for all participants.

6. The cost of the online training is 69 EUR per person. The fee is non-returnable and must be paid at least 7 days before the training date (if you register later than 7 days before the training date, the fee must be paid on the day of registration).

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