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Online classes and a special offer on electronic products



In connection with the current epidemic situation, we would like to remind you that the direct method can be used in online lessons in a very effective manner.

Such classes can be conducted by means of any of the available free programmes, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Messenger…


We are all aware that the coming weeks (perhaps even months) will be difficult not only for the language teaching industry. However, we are convinced that we should continue to conduct our business in the form that is currently available, at the same time respecting official recommendations, of course.


As we conduct our classes in a conversational way, without the emphasis on writing, the videoconferencing formula allows us to teach our classes practically in the same way and with the same efficiency as during the lessons during which we meet in person.

And if we want to do a written exercise, our student can send us text messages in the same program with their solutions.


Teacher can either conduct online classes using the paper books they already have, or they can start using the electronic tools provided by DEEP Publishers:

– the interactive coursebook in the DLL Ebook mobile application https://www.dllab.eu/books/english/general-english, where coursebooks of 5 languages are available

– online courses on the Direct Language Hub online platform https://dlhub.eu


We encourage you to watch the following videos on our Youtube channel:

– DLL Ebook application: https://youtu.be/xLVfOVUbMeA

– Internet platform Direct Language Hub: https://youtu.be/3oEfmJqzoO0



We are introducing special prices valid until 31 March 2020 on our electronic products.

The price includes:

(1) the interactive coursebook in DLL Ebook mobile application

(2) online courses on the Internet platform https://dlhub.eu

(3) downloadable MP3 files with a recording of the manual.

If you represent a language school or if you are a teacher and want to purchase more than 1 code, you can email us at orders@dllab.eu to be able to purchase the codes

for a special price of 4.49 EUR (offer valid until 31 March 2020).

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