Most of the Direct Language Lab coursebooks are not accompanied by CDs now. Instead, our students can enter the website https://dlhub.eu and download MP3 files with the recordings of their coursebooks in a simple way as well as gain access to the content of the book in the DLL Ebook mobile application.

It’s enough to register a new account in the website, use the discount coupon from the coursebook and download the files!

We have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Why are there no CDs in books now?
This solution is more convenient and environmentally-friendly because most of us no longer use traditional CDs – we usually listen to recordings on our mobile phones or computers.
How to use the discount coupon in order to start using an interactive coursebook in the DLL Ebook app and gain access to MP3 recordings?

  1. go to https://dlhub.eu, register and then log in,
  2. choose the coursebook from which you are studying and then type in the discount coupon (you will find it on the second page of your book’s cover),
  3. download MP3 files with the recording of the coursebook,
  4. install the DLL EBOOK app (you need to use the same login and password as in the website dlhub.eu).

How many books can be unlocked with a discount coupon?

One discount coupon can be used to unlock only one book at https://dlhub.eu, so please choose carefully the correct book (eg. English designed with Direct Method) and the correct level (eg. Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 etc.).

NB We do not have the technical possibility to reverse the incorrect use of the discount coupon to unlock the wrong book.

Can I log in to the same account as on the dlhub.eu Internet platform?

No, these are two separate websites, so you need to register a new account in the website https://dlhub.eu. Of course, you can use the same e-mail to register as on the dlhub.eu Internet platform.

Where can I enter the discount coupon from the coursebook in the DLL Ebook mobile application?

It’s not possible to use a discount coupon in the DLL Ebook app. This can be done only in the website https://dlhub.eu

Please make sure you log in with the same data in the website https://dlhub.eu and in the DLL Ebook app!

Can you listen to the recordings in the Ebook DLL application?

Yes, the recordings for each word, question or answer can be played by clicking on the icon.

The entire unit / lesson can played by clicking the icon on the list of units / lessons.

How do I download the MP3 files with the recording?

In the website https://dlhub.eu, click the “Download” button next to the selected unlocked book. You will download one large ZIP file in order to avoid having to download 20-40 files with each lesson separately.

How to unpack a ZIP file?

You should use a suitable program for this, eg. WinRAR or the free 7ZIP program that can be downloaded from https://www.7-zip.org

How can I listen to the recording of the book?

The recording can be listened to:

– directly on the device that you downloaded them to, e.g. a computer or smartphone,

– on any other device after copying it onto a pendrive, memory card, CD or DVD.

What to do if I need a CD?

Downloaded files can be burned on a CD or DVD.

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