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English dw DM – a new edition in 2022!


The new edition of our English coursebook for adults will have the following features:

a) a greater number of slightly shorter coursebooks
– 10 books instead of the 6 books of the current edition,
– each book contains about 100 pages of the direct method (words, questions & answers) as well as about 40-50 pages of communication and grammar lessons,

b) an equal number of modules in each coursebook,
– each book contains about 20 units in 4 modules including grammar lessons,

c) the levels:
– A1 – SB 1-2, A2 – SB 3-4,
– B1 – SB 5-6, B2 – SB 7-9,
– C1 – SB 10,

d) considerably more new words and questions to practise them in each book,
– the new edition has about 25 % more pages with words and questions (direct method),

e) an improved distribution of grammar and “spiral” repetitions of grammar in subsequent coursebooks,

f) vocabulary arranged in units according to topics,
– also some informal words
– and British / American variants,

g) the vocabulary from previous books reappears more frequently in subsequent books in order to consolidate it better,

h) new, more interesting texts at higher levels,

i) additional information in the margins of the books.


The new edition was planned to be made available from the new school year. However, our conversations with colaborating language school owners have shown that many people consider this date too early due to the condition of language schools after several months of the pandemic. There is also still a gret deal of uncertainty as to what the next few months will look like, both in terms of the pandemic itself and the general situation in the language teaching market.

That is why we have decided to delay the publication of the new edition until the second semester of the 2021/2022 school year. On our part, we will spend the extra time well to provide you with a well-prepared set of textbooks, additional materials (visuals, placement tests and exams), as well as an online course and an interactive coursebook in the mobile app.

In order to enable each school to take an autonomous decision concerning the most convenient time to switch to the new edition, the current edition will remain on sale at least until the end of 2022.


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