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How were the DME coursebooks created?

The coursebooks are the collaborative work of expert teachers with several years of experience in teaching foreign languages with direct methods. When working on subsequent editions of the coursebooks, we used analyses of how the method is applied in practice as well as valuable comments from both teachers and students. Special emphasis was placed on current trends relating to foreign language teaching methodology.

What is the direct method?

It can be said that the main objective of the direct method is to teach the skill of communication in a foreign language through minimizing the use of the mother tongue during the lesson, as well as through training linguistic reflexes. This leads to thinking in the target language, and hence, the ease of using the target language in practice is gained. You can read more here.

Where can I learn using the EdwDM coursebooks?

Our coursebooks are used in over 1000 language schools in 30 countries all over the world. You can find schools cooperating with Direct Language Lab in our List of schools.

What coursebooks does the publisher offer?
  • English designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Kids English designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Teens English designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Business English Marketing and Management designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Business English Finances and Industry designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Get Down to Business English,
  • Deutsch designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Espanol designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Português designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Français designed with DIRECT Method,
  • Pyccкий designed with DIRECT Method,

More detailed information can be found here: [Coursebooks].

What language versions are available?

The English designed with Direct Method coursebooks (1-6) are currently available in the international version (no vocabulary translations) and Polish version. All other coursebooks are available in the international version.

For the English designed with Direct Method coursebooks (1-6) series there is a mobile application available which contains all the vocabulary translations. You can find the WORDS app in Google Play and iTunes.

Are the coursebooks available in mobile version?

Yes, each learner can purchase access to an electronic version of the coursebook with the Ineteractive Coursebook application. More in the section ‘Mobile Applications’.


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