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Italiano designed with Direct Method

About the books

Italiano dwDM – modern coursebooks designed for teaching Italian with the direct method. The direct method helps learners to study and develop two most important language skills: speaking and listening comprehension.

We are pleased to inform that we are working on a completely new series which contains a lot of new material as well as grammar exercises. Libro 1 is now available and the rest of the books will be published soon.

Key features of the coursebooks:

  • practical vocabulary – over 2500 words carefully selected in terms of usefulness,
  • interesting questions in natural, contemporary Italian,
  • coursebooks produced by Direct Language Lab making use of a vast number of questions thanks to which Students can remember new vocabulary more efficiently and use it in numerous contexts (various applications, grammar structures, collocations),
  • user-friendly graphics and page-layout facilitating work with the coursebook,
  • numerous grammar exercises,
  • communication exercises.

A complete system for teaching Italian:

  • Student’s Book: 1-4,
  • MP3 files for each Student’s Book,
  • exercise sections at the end of each module,
  • Teacher’s Book: 1-4,
  • a set of exams at the end of each stage of learning,
  • placement test.

Available language versions

Italiano designed with Direct Method 1-4 – are available in the following language versions:

  • International – no translations included
  • Polish


Coursebooks in this series

Italiano designed with Direct Method 1
Level A1
Contains: 25 units; 5 moduls.
Available: Student’s Book, Teacher’s Book.
Number of pages: 145
Added for free: MP3 files


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